Logitech Camera Settings App Reviews

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control what?

where is the picture...

users of macOS High Sierra — reboot with camera plugged in

Was working so-so on previous operating systems (never was able to save the settings) and now with High Sierra, this app is broken… but I found a WORKAROUND: You must boot your computer with your webcam already plugged in. Then when you launch the app, it should work to adjust the settings.


Like many others have already said, THIS DOES NOTHING WITH HIGH SIERA. NADA NOTHING ZILCH. I could not be more angry righ now. I am an infrequnet user of this web cam and my use is instructional videos. WHen I need to use it, it’s relatiely heavy for several weeks. So now I sat down to use my Logitech 960 amd BOOM .. I have no control of the camera via the Camera Settings App. This is in my view just next to malpractice by Logitech. How many months have them had a pre-release copy of High Siera??

No longer works on macOS High Sierra

Was working so-so on previous operating systems (never was able to save the settings) and now with High Sierra, this app is broken.

Please help me

I just bought a camera Logitech Quickcam Pro 3000 and did not work On my iMac And what is my best choice And My system is El capitin Please help me

Logictech C922 Background removal

Its do not have the back ground removal for the C922

Break attached webcams

Very buggy. Causes all the cameras attached to stop being detected after the machine has been suspended. Only way to fix is with an NVRAM reset.

This app is damaged …error

Seems like the creators of this app need to work on ironing out the bugs before posting this piece of software. It simply crashes every time I open it!

no “reverse image” option

The option to reverse the image (left to right) so it acts like a video camera rather than a mirror is missing, which seems like a really basic thing to leave out.

Won’t zoom or pan.

Does not pan or zoom for C922 with Sierra 10.12.4

Doesn’t save settings

In OS X Sierra 10.12.4 and 10.12.5, this app doesn’t save its settings, so you have to open it each time you use the camera to reset White Balance, Contrast, and so on. I do hope Logitech fixes that. In the mean time, check out iGlasses, by eCamm, a similar app for any video camera for the Mac. $20, but has a lot more settings available.

using on a c920

pan/zoom works for me and the image controls are easy to use. The only improvement I would like to see is the ability to access the app via menubar icon.

Adjusts zoom, brightness on C920, no saved settings

Pros: - The C920 wide angle is too wide for desk usage, so the apps digital zoom and digital pan is very helpful. -With my lighting, the C920 is way too bright but with this app the brigthness can be adjusted Cons: - Settings are not rememberd, even though there is a save button. After every computer restart, the app needs to be re-opened and the settings reset. This is the main reason I gave 3 stars and not five. - The up/down buttons are backwards with the C920. Minor but annoying. - The app shows 5x zoom, but it stops at 1.92x with the C920.

Not pretty but it does the job

Simple app, kind of ugly. Provides a basic interface to set the crop and exposure settings for Logitech cams. Not impressive, but its more controll than I get w/ Apples build in iSight. Would really like to see a way to save presets, maybe in a menu bar app.

Bad UX

It’s 2016 and sliders have existed in software for a long time. This software should use them for zoom and pan. Doing it with buttons is backward.

Works on c920 Also

As pointed out, the UI is a little flipped when it comes to panning up or down, but nothing that will end the world. The rally good news i sI tried this out on a lark for my c920 webcam and it works!

Works great, zero hassle

I was skeptical given the low star reviews, but after using it to set up my Logitech 920 webcam in under a minute, I have no complaints and would reccomend it to anyone.

Works Great!

This little app does exactly what it says, and doesn’t crash. It gives me capabilities that I didn’t have with other cameras. I’m running mine on a Mac Pro (not a laptop) and so far there have been NO glitches. I suggest getting the latest available version of the camera (mine is a C930e), and updating the firmware by following the instructions in the manual.

Still can’t disable RightSound

Even with this app you still can’t disable the odious RightSound (noise cancelling) on Macs. How long has this been available on Logitech cameras again?


This is helpful, because my home office is very messy and I want to focus down on just myself, rather than the entire room when I’m taking a selfie. Unfortunately, when I focus down, the image of my face is a bit fuzzy — even though I’m only about 2 feet from the camera. I guess the resolution of my camera is not what I would have hoped when I purchased it. I thought I was getting this super great camera. The camera says model # V-U0017.

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